Sleepy Little Girls

I wanted to share these lovely poppies with you for this Garden Blogger Bloom Day, but the girls are a bit sleepy. As a matter of fact, unless it is completely sunny outside, they tend to nap a lot. I checked them before work and they hadn’t had their coffee or done their hair. I checked them again when I got home and although they had spruced up a bit, they were already in their jammies and slippers. You can, however, still get a pretty good idea just how lovely these ladies are. I planted them on a fluke. They were a 6-pack at the nursery destined for the trash bin and something made me stop. The variety is “Jelly Beans” which I actually had seeds for which didn’t quite make it in the ground this year. Next year, they will. The gorgeous pastel colors popping out amongst my veggies (yep, they adorn my planting beds) are a cheerful sight. More so when it’s sunny, but even in their half awake state they are still quite the little charmers.

Many thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for inspiring all of us to stop and snap the flowers each month. You can find a list of lovely bloom days posts on her blog.

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3 comments for “Sleepy Little Girls

  1. at 4:08 pm

    Beautiful! So quiet and serene.

    • Kat
      at 6:16 pm

      Thanks. I love the way they open and close each day.

  2. at 8:50 am

    Beautiful poppies. For some reason I never plant seed annuals around the garden (except edibles) but these would look pretty in the veg beds. Great idea!

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