The Weekly Meow–November 27th

I love @karibaskets’ work. Her earthy color combinations really appeal to the gardener in me.  But how charming is the little daisy basket (second photo in this post)? I love the simplicity of the natural wicker and the pure white daisies. Couldn’t you just see three of them gracing the center of old wooden kitchen table?

Did you know that four o’ clocks had tubers? I didn’t. It does explain why they are tough as nail and can thrive in conditions like abandoned parking lots without any care. I’m thrilled that there are still horticulture surprises left to learn.  @MrBrownThumb gives us the dirt on these knobby roots.

Jodi at Blooming Writer takes us on a tour of her perennial all-stars. If you are looking to add some new and unusual items to your borders this would be a great place to start. I love the ‘Color Flash Lime’ astilbe, but sadly they don’t like my weather much. The timing of our heatwaves seems to always coincide with the bloom times for astilbe. Just when they hit their stride, they get scorched to a crumpled brown mess.

Kitsch is king! Where do you get your planters? Box store? Chic little nursery or second hand. Check out this awesome fish of many succulents and several other kitschy planters on  the Far Out Flora blog.

We were just talking about cardoon the other day at work. Although we found it interesting, we also found the idea of blanching the stems a bit labor intensive. But after reading the how-to at You Grow Girl I see we aren’t alone in feeling like this plant is a bit of a pain. They sure are stunning in the garden though.

I can’t wait to make myself a new camera strap cover. What would a garden blog be without photos? How would a garden blogger document things without their trusty camera? I adore my camera, but it could be a bit more colorful. Perhaps some Amy Butler fabric like this one?

Finally since we are on the subject of color, did you see the blue tree in the Garden Photo of the Day post on Thursday? I’m not sure how I feel about painting dead trees or junk left in the garden and pretending it’s art. I’m a big fan of upcycling and whimsy in the garden, but I think painting dead trees almost seems a little morbid.

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2 comments for “The Weekly Meow–November 27th

  1. at 6:05 pm

    There is an art exhibit passing through a neighboring town, Port Moody (BC) this winter. They are painting a bunch of trees in a public area blue. From what I’ve read they are using a natural dye/paint that is easily removable and causes no harm to the tree or pollution into the ground. It sounds interesting. I will be doing something more on it on my blog when I get further information.

    • Kat
      at 2:17 am

      I can see where it could be interesting and the natural dye is a good thing. But I just can’t get fully behind it for some reason.

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