Handcrafted Gifts for the Modern Gardener

Do you have modern gardener on your list? Someone for whom conventional gardening gifts just wouldn’t do? Then check out these stylish handcrafted gifts that are sure to please.


LIVE LAMP takes the concept of a grow lamp to the next level. Easy care airplants surround the glass orb creating a truly living light source. Watering is a snap with the detachable globe. Simply remove and run under water once a week. This truly unique lamp would not only be a wonderful decor accent for the modern home, but a conversation piece.

removable cover for easy watering

Available by special order from toHOLD these lamps are a limited special edition. Each one comes signed and numbered from toHOLD and will set you back $349.

If the LIVE LAMP is a little bit out of your price range, but you love the tillandsia idea, take a look at these cool Air Plant Pods™ by mudpuppy.  Designed specifically to hold tillandsia, these pod not only come with instructions on how to take care of your plants, but you can also order the plants to go with them as well. I love tillandsias, but find displaying them can sometimes be a challenge. Air Plant Pods™ offer you way to display them in a way that is much more stylish than gluing them to a piece of driftwood.

Air Plant Pod™ in Silky Matte White

These pods are perfectly designed to hold your air plants without the need for glue. Simply tuck a few lower leaves into the pod and hang. If hanging space isn’t available, you can also remove the hanger and display them upright on a shelf.

Modern Baby Head Vase Planter

And for a truly unusual way to display your tillandsia, check out mudpuppy’s Modern Baby Head Vase Planter. Prices range from $32-$40.

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    cool – I haven’t seen live lamps before. They are beautiful.

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