The Weekly Meow–December 4th.

waxwing by AlexRK

Can you believe it’s already December? I can’t. Seems like it was just yesterday I put the tomatoes into the ground and now only bits of tomato remain. Hopefully our winter will fly by just as fast. The fun thing about December and gardening blogs is the topics tend to stray a bit from just gardening.

Like this first post from @IndyGardner on making applesauce/cinnamon ornaments. If you have never made these, you should. The fragrance is fantastic.

I love wreaths made out of things other than the traditional evergreens. This one over at Saídos da Concha is made out of acuba leaves. The acuba’s yellow spots add a nice cheerful texture to the wreath.

Holiday gift guides have been popping up all over the net, but this one over  at Garden Rant  features great gifts their readers  make and sell,  and many of the names will be very, very familiar. Find links to Debra Baldwin’s Succulent Chic Zazzle store,  Joseph Tychonievich’s 2011 garden cartoon calendar and Nora Graf’s amazing gourds.

And don’t forget our feathered friends this holiday season. These seed balls are a snap to make, add to that a birding guide and you’ve got a great gift for an amateur naturalist on your list.

If you are canning gifts for the holidays, be sure to check out Stevie’s post at gardentherapy on decorative canning labels. She includes tips and hints along with downloadable label templates  you can customize. I love making custom computer labels, but I hate figuring out what size I need. Stevie takes out the guesswork so all you have to do is get creative.

And remember this weekend if you make a purchase at Borders Bookstores (a book, magazine, coffee) you can net a $15 giftcard for the school of your choice. Details here.

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2 comments for “The Weekly Meow–December 4th.

  1. at 12:35 am

    Great timing! I just made my holiday wreaths today and I used a few acuba leaves. Some yellow euonymous and a few other interesting evergreens added as well and my door is now quite dressy. “Great minds” as they say…

    • Kat
      at 2:19 pm

      I’ve been looking at my Photinia a bit differently. Not sure I’ll get around to it, but I think it might make a lovely wreath.

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