Fall is almost here

fall is comingThe change of seasons on the Central Coast is a slow, subtle process, but they do change. For the past week or so I’ve notice fall creeping up the hill on my drive to work. The hills would normally be a bit more golden this time of year, but fluke October rains have greened them up again. Early rain is good news anytime in California but it is particularly good news this year with all the brush fires we had. A nice dousing of gentle rain early will start some grass to grow and help hold the defoliated hillsides in place. Early rain is also good news for gardeners because it means shrubs will finally get the nice deep watering they need and deer & rabbits will have food to eat elsewhere.


But fall always seems to be a bit confusing here as well. On my way to work each day I see the hillside becoming more and more colorful. On the way home, I see color of a different sort. This gorgeous Hong Kong Orchid tree is in full bloom and color that pink only can only scream spring. Less than a mile apart, the two seasons battle it out. For now each is holding it’s own, but soon we know that fall will win. Because the tree lined streets are turning golden and oranges and reds will soon follow.

tree lines street

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1 comment for “Fall is almost here

  1. Karibaskets
    at 10:35 am

    Kat, could you take a close-up of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree? I glanced at these photos a few days ago but assumed I was looking at a maple and went by it … then came back and read about it. It sounds quite exotic!

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