The Weekly Meow–December 18th

First Snow by Josh Liba

As a born and raised California girl, I actually crave snow this time of year. Snow is something you drive to see here. You ski on it, make a few snow angels, toss a couple of snowballs and go home. Most of us dream of a White  Christmas but don’t live one. So when the holidays roll around I’m always drawn to those snowy Norman Rockwell type holiday scenes. This week I found lots of pretty snow to visit from my fellow bloggers. Here’s a meow-out to my colder climate friends!

Over on Facebook, @fromthesoil posted some gorgeous pictures he said were of hoar frost. Having no idea what hoar frost is, I had to look it up on Wikipedia. Hoar frost “refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, that form on cold clear nights when heat losses into the open skies cause objects to become colder than the surrounding air.” Sounds really cold and horrible for the plants, but beautiful to look at nonetheless.

@indygardener’s post for GBBD was less bloom and more snow.  The first photo of the pine with the fluffy coating of snow reminded me of so many holiday cards I had received over the years. Each month Carol hosts a roundup of blogs participating in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I love pursuing the links because I can always find a new blog to follow. This month was no exception because I found the delightful Parsley Patch. After viewing the photos of the garden, I’m convinced it’s maintained by faeries and elves.

And I don’t think things could get more festive than @OurLittleAcre’s post on the holiday Christmas walk in a local neighborhood. From the light dusting of snow on the ground to the bold all white tree in a bright green room, I was really put in the mood for Christmas. It’s always fun to see how other people define Christmas in their holiday displays. I especially enjoyed getting a peak into Santa’s laundry room.

Many other cold climate bloggers have started posting pieces on houseplants, online shopping and amaryllis. Trying to find something to talk about other than what’s going on in their yard. I know winters are long for you and you probably get sick of snow after a short while. But for those of us on the left coast, we sort of crave those winter wonderland shots this time of year. So don’t hide them behind the ficus trees and African violets. Keep those snowy post coming! At least until the new year. Then we can start talking about the coming spring.

frost by tlindenbaum

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