Because a Girl Can’t Live by Plants Alone

slo chocolateOctober was one of those months. And sometimes a girl wants needs some chocolate. I had recently encountered @slochocolate via Twitter and checked out their business website Sweet Earth Chocolates. I was thrilled to find out that they sold Organic & Fair Trade Chocolate. Not only could I satisfy my craving but I could delude myself into thinking that my need for chocolate was more altruistic than it really was. A win, win situation as far as I’m concerned.

Their shop is just up Monterey street and parking was good (although we are a small town, good parking is still a plus). When you step in the smell of chocolate almost knocks you over. If you haven’t purchased chocolate in a chocolate shop lately, I highly recommend it. There is nothing more pleasing to the senses than that wonderful aroma and and those neatly tied boxes filled with glossy dark brown chocolate. The store is bright and clean with a warm natural wood interior. They carry a few accessories, but mostly chocolate and that’s the way it should be.

The package of assorted caramels were my first choice and they are delicious. It’s the orange cocoa, however, that I’m really thrilled with. I am a dark chocolate fan and my biggest complaint about most hot cocoa is that it is too darn sweet. This isn’t. It’s not very sweet at all. It isn’t bitter, but it is certainly not sweet. What is it, however, is rich. Rich with a deep, dark chocolate flavor and just a hint of orange. I made it with 2% milk and left out the recommended cream and it was still wonderful. And best of all, it’s organic and fair trade (or so I keep telling myself)

To comply with FTC regulation and let you know where I’m coming from, I was not given the items I discussed, I purchased them.  Nor do I know or have any connection with the business owners. Sometimes I just like to give credit where credit is due and Sweet Earth Chocolates does a darn good job with chocolate! In these difficult economic times, I feel it’s important to support your local businesses whenever possible.

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    Grat blog piece Kat. And wow this is really some blog its amazing. I wish I could do something as creative as this. Well done it all looks really fantastic!

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    Thanks Pat! I must admit that most is the amazing work of the template company. I’ve just done a bit of personalizing to make it my own.

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