Weekly Meow–Creativity

“In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it.”
— Julia Cameron

I loved reading “The Artists Way” many years ago. It was my first encounter with a book written about the importance of nurturing one’s creativity. I have always been a creative person, but as is often the case, my creativity made me appear flighty, restless and a bit odd as a child. It was something that I was taught to hide rather than flaunt. Thankfully, things are different now and I am thrilled to part of such a network of creative types. Here are some posts highlighting some of the more creative things I’ve read recently:

Succulents and cinder blocks. I love it when everyday items are turned into truly inspiring works. Check out Jenny Peterson’s succulent wall. Inspired by this post on Apartment Therapy @MulchMaven’s use of old, weathered cinder block gives the wall a much softer, established look. Her solution to not being able to cut cinder block (I’m in that camp) is brilliant and easy. For another take on this idea, take a look at Pam Penick’s post of her work in progress.

With my heavy clay soil, raised beds are more of a necessity than a convenience if I want to garden sometime in this century. But I must admit, although I’m not shy around power tools, I’m a crappy builder. That’s why I love these Garden Braces featured on Sunset’s Fresh Dirt. Just slide in some pre-cut 2×8’s and you have an instant frame. Even better, you can move them.

For even more succulent creativity inspiration, take a look at Rebecca Sweet’s visit to DIG nursery. I have been sharing this posts with my co-workers and we are all ready to cut our coffee tables in half and get planting. I also enjoy the Wooly Pocket tropical wall hanging. For another take on a vertical tropical garden, visit the Rainforest Garden. Steve Asbell shows us a plan that is both quick and affordable.

And since I like to save the best for last, we must remember that being creative doesn’t always mean being serious. Sometimes a bit of silliness is the best way to get your creativity on. Why just check out this hilarious video cover of the song ‘Soul Sister’ with a bit of a twist. I’m not going to tell you who it is, but if you’ve been reading gardening blogs for a bit, he’s a familiar face. But now you get to see a bit of talent that he has previously hidden from us. Enjoy, have a fabulous weekend and do something creative.

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3 comments for “Weekly Meow–Creativity

  1. at 2:35 pm

    That cinder block succulent planter is so fabulous — wish I’d come up with the idea myself! Thanks for the link to my project. I’ll be updating once I get the wall painted and planted.

  2. at 3:51 pm

    I’m so glad you liked this project, Kat! I love it when I can do really cool things 1. for not too much money and 2. easily! Thanks for the link; I hope our readers will be inspired to take this one on themselves! I’ll be posting a “Project of the Week” every Thursday now, so check back in for more cool ideas!

  3. Kat
    at 6:40 pm

    Ladies I think you’ve both put a fabulous twist on the succulent cinder block wall project. I love projects that are easy and accessible. Jenny I look forward to your “Project of the Week” posts. Your walls have given me an idea for something at work and I hope to share that with you soon.

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