Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-November


This GBBD is a really good example of the confusion the weather in California causes. Because we have such a warm climate and long growing season, I see things blooming that I would often expect to be done this time of year. For example, the Jarrahdale pumpkin is happily battling the morning glory for control of the back fence. Our average first frost date isn’t until some time around Thanksgiving, so we shall see just what the pumpkin will do. Plus I find that with so many drought tolerant plants in my yard, I really do enjoy the lushness of the large green leaves in the background.

gallardia oranges & lemons

This Gallardia Oranges & Lemons is still going strong even though it was planted a mere month ago. I highly recommend this plant for bee/butterfly friendly gardens. Normally it would start to die back about this time of year, but we have been rather warm so it is still flourishing.


On the other end of the spectrum, the cyclamen have started to bloom in full force. Their fragrance in the early morning is one of my favorites.

pink lady apple

But the biggest surprise is this Pink Lady Apple. I would be upset if she was going into bloom this early if I really cared about the fruit. But to be honest, I bought her because I think she’s pretty and her blooms are a welcome sight anytime of year. The reason behind this if probably because of unusually heavy rain we received in October followed by a warm spell. She must have thought it was getting to be spring. I know I did.

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  1. at 4:29 pm

    The Gallardia is so great! I love them! Cyclamen’s pretty nifty too. Happy Bloom Day!

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