Ugly Duckling Stage–Sketch a Plant Sunday

Sketch a Plant Sunday is a blog carnival started by Steve Asbell over at The Raintforest Garden. It’s a chance to get in the habit of drawing every Sunday and sharing what you’ve done. If you would like to participate in Sketch a Plant Sunday, just hop on over to Steve’s blog for details.


I paint digitally in Photoshop and every piece goes through this really ugly stage. This is at the point where I have worked out a rough sketch (here some ripening plums on a branch) and have blocked in some color. Doesn’t look like much, now does it? Perhaps if you squint, you can see where it’s going. This is just the beginning, however, and I normally don’t share this part. I like to get past this part as quickly as possible, but alas, sometimes work and fatigue get in the way. One interesting thing you can see at the moment (and something that made doing this so interesting) is just how many different colors there are in these plums. Some start out green at one end and go all the way to purple at the other with browns and oranges in between. Panting fruit and plants really does help you see them with a great deal more detail.
Over the next week, time permitting, I’ll be blending the colors and adding detail. I’ll post an update next Sunday.

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  1. at 6:58 pm

    I love the “ugly duckling stage too! I’m really excited to see your process and learn a thing or two about digital painting. I just downloaded the full edition of Sketchbook Pro for my Ipad and can’t wait to use it more… I even got a stylus! 🙂 Thanks for your awesome contribution!

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