Wordless Wednesday–Mornin’

Keeping this guy in bounds is a great deal of work. But oh the payoff.












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4 comments for “Wordless Wednesday–Mornin’

  1. at 5:23 am

    Tell me about it! I actually ripped out most of mine the other day since they swallowed my shrubs and trees. That’s what happens when you leave them to their own devices for a few weeks!

    • Kat
      at 9:08 am

      I know what you mean. Mine seems to make the most effort in growing towards shrubs and not the empty space on the fence I need it to fill. But still… I love it.

  2. at 5:51 am

    Wait till next year when all those dropped seeds come up!!!
    My jeffersonville garden was totally ate up in those… I’d pull and pull. I still have a picture up over at myspace…
    There’s something about morning glories, though…

  3. at 6:41 pm

    Morning glories are tough and beautiful plants. My wife and middle son love them because how amazingly fast they grow, climb, and the stunning and beauty of their flowers. Sadly, at our old house, I had to wage war on them for many years because they have always tried to strangle all the adjacent plantings! The worst part? They seemed very successful at re-seeding themselves. I fought the battle for several years.

    A new house, a new start.

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