7 HANDy Rose Pruning Tips

7 handy rose pruning tips

It’s time here on the Central Coast to prune our roses. This year most haven’t even gone dormant and some are already leafing out. But they still need a good pruning if they are going to do well in the coming season.  If reading about pruning tea roses seems complicated, these HANDy tips might help you better visualize and remember what you need to do. So grab some clean, sharp secateurs (pruners to us Yanks) and get pruning.
Cut off anything that is smaller than a ladies little finger (or pencil). These canes will be unproductive so there is no point in keeping them.






rose tip 2

Tip 2: Cut out canes that cross over or into other canes, leaving just one cane.




rose tip 3Tip 3: Your goal is to leave three to five large healthy canes in growing in an open vase shape. You want the center to be open and for there to be room between the canes.
Tip 4: Make your cuts are a 45 degree angle. How to get an approximation of a 45 degree angel without arose tip 4 protractor? Make an “L” shape with your fore finger and thumb. That’s a 90 degree angle. Now bring your thumb up half way. Now you’ve got 45 degrees.





rose tip 5

Tip 5: In the summer, shorten and deadhead canes by cutting down to the highest node with a grouping of 5 leaflets whenever you cut some roses for an arrangement.





rose tip 6


Tip 6: It’s not only OK, but it’s good to cut out any dead wood.







rose tip 7Tip 7: Cut canes down to about 12″ which is approximately twice the distance from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.



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