Make a Strawberry Jar Birdbath

strawberry jar birdbathI’ve been coveting these glazed birdbaths with planting pockets similar to the one pictured here. But with so many other things I need for the yard and a price tag of $139, they are pretty low on the list right now. But a girl can dream right? Or better yet, make her own. Like most gardeners, I have a selection of chipped and cracked terra cotta pots in my “some day I’ll do something with them” pile. Well today is the day. The nice thing about birds is they don’t care too much about perfection. So the fact that the strawberry jar is chipped on one side really doesn’t matter. At some point I may add a bit of mosaic to the saucer but for now it works just fine.

What I used to make this one isstrawberry jar

A strawberry jar

Large terra cotta saucer

Medium sized terra cotta bulb plan

A small stake to help stabilize the pot

Some plumbers putty to secure the saucer to the top.

Some succulents.

Everything is basically stacked together. The stake runs through the drainage holes of the strawberry jar and inverted pot. It isn’t large enough to completely block the hole so there is still drainage. This will help prevent the pot from being knocked over. Although the saucer sits nicely on top of the strawberry jar, I know my dog will try to drink out of it. So to prevent him from tipping it off, I used the plumbers putty to “glue” the saucer to the jar. I will still be able to take it apart should I want to replant the jar. I planted the jar with succulents because with the saucer on top, I am sempervivum commander hay detailnow only able to water the plants through the little pockets. Succulents used were Sempervivum ‘Commander Hay,’ Crassula capitella ‘Campfire,’ Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ and a Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins.’

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