$5 Hack Blasts Bugs off your Plants!

I was tasked with presenting a new product at our nursery  managers’ meeting a month ago and the product I presented was  the Bug Blaster 30 inch Spray Bar with Nozzle. You can follow the previous link where you can see a photo of The Bug Blaster in action, but it’s basically a pressure washer for your plants. What it does is it blasts those darn aphids and whitefly off your plants without the use of pesticides and

without harming your plants. It even helps wash away the white webbing that whitefly infestations leave and the sooty mold that can follow infestations of any sucking insect. All in all, a pretty nifty product.

I told a coworker about the product and she wanted to try one too. We planned to order some to try, but in the time it took me to forget to place the order, my coworker had come up with this amazing hack to create her own bug pressure washer. All it takes is adding, a pvc swivel end 1/2 inch to hose end adapter, and an Orbit 8′ Radius Adjustable Spray Shrub Sprinkler Head to a water wand you probably already have on hand. You Assembly of $5 plant pressure washerscrew all the parts together as shown and get blasting some bugs. Like most gardeners, I already had a basic water wand with a detachable head on hand. The other two parts you can get from the sprinkler section of most hardware stores and they will run you about $5. (If you forgo the adjustibility and just purchase a half circle sprinkler, it’s even less.) The complete Bug Blaster above lists for over $35. Now you see why I’m so excited by this little hack. If you don’t already have a water wand, you can probably pick up a basic one with a detachable head for around $10. And with no more difficulty than it takes to screw on a nozzle you can be washing those nasty critters off your plants without the use of any chemicals. Pretty neat, right?

$5 hack blasts bugs off your plants in actionYou need to play with the adjustment of your shrub sprinkler to get the right balance of pressure$5 hack blasts bugs off your plants before and after artichoke and width. The smaller the area you set the shrub sprinkler to cover, the more pressure you will have. My coworker has been using it to keep her mom’s hibiscus free of whitefly and all the webbing they leave. If you’ve grown hibiscus in whitefly country, you know just how helpful this is because whitefly love hibiscus. I decided to take out some aphids feasting on my baby artichokes. It took me only a minute  to completely eradicate the aphids from the artichoke. Had I known about this hack sooner, I could have prevented some of the chewing damage (brownish patches) that you see, without any chemicals and completely organically.

Update: One week later no sign of any aphids or ants on the artichokes.
If you decide to try this $5 plant pressure washer hack, I’d love to hear how it works for you. You can leave some comments below.

Happy Gardening!

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