Surprising Squash

iran squash blossom cropI spent most of my childhood covered in dirt and have been a gardener for most of my 51 years. Sometimes it included entire backyard plots while other times were limited to a few containers on the balcony. At this point you would think that there would be little to surprise me in the garden, but the truth is exactly the opposite. I don’t think I go more than a couple of weeks without learning something new and interesting.

My garden has been sadly neglected the past few weeks as I was helping a friend relocate. I would do a rush watering job every few days on those plants in need of hydration but all the other chores of weeding, feeding, grooming and simply lingering and enjoying didn’t happen.

Finding myself with a day off and absolutely nothing I “had” to do, today I was able to linger. After noting how sadly neglected things looked with their yellowing leaves and weedy neighbors, I spied this gorgeous white flower. So frilly and delicate it appeared and looking more tropical than anything I remember planting. Even more surprising is this flower belongs to an Iran squash plant. The only one of four plants I started from seed (Baker Creek link) that survived the marauding earwigs and has been growing and blooming for a while. I had been so busy, however, that I had never seen a blossom fully open, only the closed and shriveled bloom that remained. I questioned whether I had indeed gotten a squash plant or was this something else. A quick online search came up with a match for Iran sqaush and the blogger suggested that it might be night blooming. This would make sense considering its region of origin and that the flower is white making it more visible at night, but I will now have to do a bit more observation to confirm this and to figure out just who the pollinator will be. So it seems squash can be lovely. Who knew?

iran sqaush flower wide

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