Sometimes I Get to Play in My Yard!

Planter detailLike the mechanic that never fixes his own car, my poor yard can suffer terrible neglect in the spring when the nursery is busy. But now that things are winding down, I’ve had the time and energy to play in my own yard. And what did I plant? Some succulents. After all these year, I still love them and the current drought situation gives me much more incentive to play. So I refreshed the window boxes at the front of my house.

Having a depth of only about 6 inches these window boxes, like most you will find, don’t really suit themselves to the colorful annual flowers we would like to plant. They are so shallow that by mid-season the plants become rootbound and it’s almost impossible to keep them watered. Succulents, however, have no such problems are the perfect solution to these tiny spaces.

succulent six packsSo I started with a selection of 6-packs. Some will grow upright and some will trail. I’ve got a mix of colors and leaf sizes and shapes. For me variety is key in making any container interesting. Too much of the same size, color and shape and it can become boring. I filled the planter with a good quality cactus mix and started playing.

completed window boxI filled the box about two-thirds full and started placing plants. I place almost everything before I actually start planting. This allows me to get it just the way I like it. The larger aeoniums are actually cuttings that are just stuck in the soil. This time of year, they will root with no problem. Once I get everything the way I like it, I start planting them starting at one side and working my way over, squeezing them in pretty tight as I go. Once everything is in, I fill in any holes with additional soil and top with some gravel. The bird statue embellishments add the finishing touch. Finally.  I planted something for fun in my own yard.

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