Bonsai! Succulents!

bonsai succulent potsDon’t get me wrong. I love actual bonsai plants in bonsai pots. But I do think they also look fabulous with succulents. (Plus they are so much easier to take care of). So when we got in a new shipment of bonsai pots at work, I got to planting. Having a variety of colors makes it easy to be inspired but I honestly don’t think there is a bonsai pot that you can’t find some succulent to look fabulous in it.

teal bonsai

In many parts of the country, you don’t plant up succulents this time of year. But if you are careful about frost protection (I cover with this), you can do this all year in California. I do, however, find cuttings don’t root as well when it is cold and must be careful with watering.


red bonsai succulents

We pot these up for gifts this time of year. And who wouldn’t want one? The tiny bonsai are my favorite. You can purchase some to make your own at this link  Mini Glazed Bonsai Pots. It normally takes one 2″ succulent and about 5 various cuttings to fill out the pot.


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