Flora Friday Favs

For this #florafriday I’m excited about leaf color, especially bronzes and greens. As the cold weather starts to settle in and fewer and fewer blooms remain¬† I find myself noticing the hardworking foliage plants in the yard. Three that seem particularly spectacular right now are:

Chocolate Mint Gerainum

Chocolate Mint Gerainum

Chocolate Mint geranium is a scented variety that smell of nothing of chocolate and just a hint minty. It does, however, have lovely patterned leaf. And like all scented geraniums, it grows without much effort or care from me. My only chore each year is trimming it back out of neighboring plants that it is intending to plow right over.


"Iron Cross" Oxalis

“Iron Cross” Oxalis. This is a new acquisition. How could I refuse these adorable leaves?¬† The flowers are a peach/salmon color and only open up on sunny days. Here on the Central Coast people think I’m crazy for buying any oxalis because the yellow flowered variety is such an invasive weed. These hybrid varieties, however, are much better behaved.

giant red mustard

giant red mustard

All first time gardeners should be encouraged to plant giant red mustard. Not only is this plant absolutely gorgeous in the back of my salad bed, but it gets huge. Almost 15″ tall now, the large leaves are still continuing to unfurl. Even if I didn’t love the spicy taste in salads, this plant would still find a home in my garden because of it’s beauty.

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3 comments for “Flora Friday Favs

  1. at 9:55 am

    MMNN I can almost taste the chocolate geranium and I would love to get my hands on some of that giant red mustard. not only for its leaves but for my summer salads as well.

  2. at 6:02 pm

    Just came across your photo of giant red mustard and have this in my garden as well and feeling an amazing vibration connection to is blossoms as well as its gorgeous foliage and I love buttercup oxalis. I delight in it’s yellow trumpets calling me to the present moment. Where did you get the “Iron Cross” oxalis?

    Peace & Blessings,

    • Kat
      at 7:02 am

      Debi thanks for stopping by. I was able to pick up the iron cross oxalis at my local nursery. I think it normally comes in a bit after the first rush of spring flowers. So here in California it’s about mid May.

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