Dude, I’m like totally confused!

The above photo looks like a nice little progression of my Pink Lady’s bloom cycle in spring, but it isn’t. The shots of those three stages were taken yesterday. The tree is in bud, full bloom and has set fruit depending on which branch you are looking at. The fruiting section of the tree gets the most light. The blooming section gets just a tiny bit less light. And although the budded section now gets about as much light at the full bloom section, those branches set bloom last October during a heatwave. The weather has been wacky this spring going from hot stretches lasting over a week back into another chilly rainstorm.  Not only was the apple tree unsure about when to bloom, I was unsure about when to officially call “shorts season” this year. It’s no wonder we are confused here in California.

Are any of your plants like totally confused? Let me know in the comments.

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