Things are popping. GBBD May ’10

My garden seems to fairing much better than I thought. As I was thinking about what would be in this post, I lamented that there wasn’t that much in bloom. But as I puttered around the garden with camera in hand, I find that there is, actually, quite a bit in bloom.

Some other observations in preparing this post:

I love “Jack.” Mimulus ‘Jack’ is part of the ‘kids’ series of mimulus. I don’t like any of his siblings, but ‘Jack’ is amazing. He has been blooming nonstop since last October.

If you plant only one gallardia, make is ‘oranges & lemons.’ This plant only gets better and better as it grows. Another nonstop bloomer and a pollinator attractant.

Oenethera¬† looks deceptively delicate, but beware. Although I love this plant it is a bit of a menace in the garden. Not only does it reseed like crazy it spreads underground. I also spotted a patch of it growing about a mile away and I’m pretty sure the seeds came from my yard.

Last year I had red and pink Shirley poppies. Now I have a volunteer that is both red & pink combined. These poppies are happy. The Oriental Princess Victoria Louise, however, is not. The warm winter has made the blooming stems grow ridiculously short. All the flowers are in full bloom two inches below the foliage. Had I not been weeding, I would have never seen them.

Row one: Chocolate Mint scented geranium, Mimulus ‘Jack’ (my new favorite plant), Columbine ‘origami’

Row two: Columbine ‘Black Barlow’, Poppy “Queen Victoria Louise’ (showing me she doesn’t like coastal California by her short stems), Chives

Row three: Tickseed, Pepino Melon blooms, Pepino melons (yum!)

Row four: Ever reliable nasturtiums, Yarrow, gargoyle poking out between the lavender buds

Row five:  Borage (pollinator attractant mega star), Helleborus, Tomatillo

Row six: Shirley poppy, Oenothera, Statice limonium

Row seven: Centaurea cyanus in lavender, then blue, Gallardia “oranges & lemons”

Row eight: Gallardia, Centranthus ruber, Lobelia trailing sapphire

Row nine: Viola odorata, white agapanthus almost there

Many thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for inspiring all of us to stop and snap the flowers each month. You can find a list of lovely bloom days posts on her blog.

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5 comments for “Things are popping. GBBD May ’10

  1. at 3:15 pm

    Beautiful blooms! The columbine is a lovely colour.

  2. A Garden of Threads
    at 4:17 pm

    Beautiful blooms in your garden, so colorful. Have a great GBBD:)

  3. at 12:51 am

    Wow – lots popping! That agapanthus shot is wonderful as are the rest of them (of course).

    AND I do love the gargoyle…now that I’ve seen how nice it looks in the garden I have one named Ditto that will be moving outside to my garden! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Jo
    at 10:58 am

    Beautiful photo’s! ‘Oranges and Lemons’ Blanket Flower is one of my top faves and I’m hoping to find it locally this year to replace the one the squirrels dug up & absconded with the year before last! (I couldn’t find it locally last year). Belated Happy GBBD!

  5. at 11:23 pm

    What great colors!

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