Weeks Tops in Pots Rose List for Nipomo Miner’s 2017

Supplies are limited this year so hurry in for best selection!

This year’s rose selection focuses on fragrance. Because if a rose doesn’t smell good, what’s the point?

Tea Roses

All My Loving

Double Delight



Stainless Steel

Tahitian Sunset

Mister Lincoln

Floribunda Roses

Easy Does It–Cute ruffled petals make this a standout in the garden.

Easy to Please


Julia Child


Grandiflora Roses

Melody Perfumee

Radiant Perfume

Rock & Roll

Twilight Zone

Rugosa Rose

Hansa–This is an old-fashioned, wild type rose with an amazing fragrance. It creates the rosehips that are also so yummy for tea and food for birds.

Climbing Roses

Cecile Brunner

Tropical Lightning

Ground Cover Roses

Red Ribbons


List was created January 12th and supplies are limited. Shop early for best selection. List will not be updated so call to make sure the rose you want is still in stock (phone 805) 929-3223 and we will be happy to check.