The Kat’s Garden started out on blogspot in February of 2009 as a way to explore creative writing and to share my love of gardening. By November of 2009 it was moved to a WordPress site with its own domain. Blogging was in its heyday then and I connected via Twitter with garden bloggers all around the world. Years later many of us still remain connected on Facebook and now Instagram.

Over the years the blog expanded to share information on cooking, canning and local travel. Pretty much how I like to spend my weekends. During the week I continued to work at nurseries and garden centers full-time, ending up managing a small nursery on the Central Coast of California. Over the years I’ve taken on side-gigs in web design, content writing and garden design.

While managing a nursery full-time, my desire to take care of my own plants was put on the back burner while I explored hobbies of painting, drawing, needlework and woodworking. But like many during the 2020 pandemic, I decided to put in a pandemic garden and it reminded me why I fell in love with plants in the first place. Creating a little oasis to retreat to from all the stress in the world does have its benefit. I planned on picking up right where I left off with my blog, but a bit of server cleaning in early 2021 deleted the database for my blog and the body of work it contained. Unable to repair it, I had to accept that a body of work which spanned years, was gone. It took a bit to let that go and to embrace new possibilities. Now in June of 2021 I am reinstalling WordPress and trying to remember just where everything went. But it’s sort of like moving into a new home and the old furniture just doesn’t seem to work anymore. So expect some remodeling over the next year. That and lots of thoughts about plants!

Hi, I’m Kat. This is my mostly garden blog. I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by.